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About Me



My name is Rita Malina.  I am a specialized  technician of electrology and have been performing electrolysis on men and women to permanently remove hair since 1997.  My practice is run with the utmost discretion with a similarly discreet location.  I am owner and operator (you always get me).  I offer private, personal, effective, and reasonably priced treatments in a clinical environment. Effectively and safely treating clients with electrolysis is a skill which requires nurturing, diligence and dedication.  I practice ONLY electrolysis.





About Electrolysis



Electrolysis is the name given to the method of permanently removing hair from the body by way of utilizing electricity. 


Quite simply, an electrolysis needle is gently inserted into the hair follicle resulting in minimal sensation.  Using the word 'needle' is needlessly off putting since nothing is actually being pierced.  A tiny amount of current is then released lasting only fractions of a second.  Proper treatment will allow the hair to be effortlessly removed from the hair follicle (crucial to proper treatment is that hair never be yanked out).


Levels of discomfort vary from client to client. With years of experience behind me, I can quickly assess the situation and adjust settings, so consideration for client comfort is taken without compromising the quality of treatment.  Clients have been known to fall asleep.


Every hair found anywhere on the body grows, matures, then eventually sheds itself only to be replaced by a new hair.  For this reason "new-growth" is often confused as "re-growth".  New growth is hair growing in a cycle we have not yet seen.  Re-growth is the percentage of hair not entirely destroyed by the first treatment.  The amount of re-growth is directly impacted by variables such as the strength of hair, what stage in the growth cycle it is treated, and how effectively the hair structure is damaged by the electrologist.


Remember:  Re-growth can take months to reappear, therefore different hairs are being treated week to week.


Keeping regular treatments ensures hairs are treated at their weakest point. The moment treatments commence, the process of improvement begins. With every treatment, any returning hairs become finer and lighter, and in some cases, not the first thing on your mind each morning.  Over time, removal of hair will reveal skin clear and smooth.  Despite horrific claims that electrolysis does not work or may cause scarring, I have never experienced an issue with either.


i.e. It is not the kind of machine that counts, but that the technician knows how to use it!


There is no claim being made that electrolysis is a quick fix.  It's not fast but it is forever.





What Makes Electrolysis Unique?



There are a number of methods widely used for hair removal such as, tweezing, waxing, depilatories, threading, shaving, abrasives, laser, etc.


Electrolysis removes hair of any type and colour (from very fine to very coarse) from any skin type from virtually any area of the body, PERMANENTLY.


 Electrolysis has been in practice to permanently eliminate hair safely since 1875.


The ability to target hairs selectively makes creating a natural look in shaping eyebrows or hairlines very easy.  Also true in the case of simply thinning out areas densely covered with hair, such as forearms.

All other methods will leave something behind.  Electrolysis works on everyone, and it always works!





 My Practice



Every precaution is taken to provide clients with a clean, safe and comfortable environment.  A new, sterile, disposable needle is used for each client at every session.  In addition, all Canadian health and safety standards are met and/or exceeded.











  • For your convenience, please no walk-ins. 

        To better serve you I ask that you reserve a time slot to ensure availability.


  • Treatments and in-person consultations by appointment only.

        (To book a treatment or FREE consultation please call 416 972-1539)


  • Phone inquiries always welcome.

        (confidential voice mail, discretion used when returning calls)


  • Flexible hours, booking Tuesday through Saturday.





The Attitude To Keep



Electrolysis can be viewed as a safe, longer term investment.  Many clients begin with treatment of smaller areas where hair is problematic or undesired (face, hands, feet, etc).  Once the results begin to materialize, the idea of tackling larger areas (underarms, bikini lines, legs, chest, back, etc.) becomes anything BUT outrageous!  The return lasts a lifetime.  The only complaints I hear from clients are that they should have found me sooner!









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Permanently Yours,

 Rita Malina